Anderson Musaamil & Co is regulated to be able to provide audit and assurance services to their clients. We think an audit is about more than regulation and compliance. It can bring real benefit to a business by giving assurance on financial statements to suppliers, lenders and clients. It can also help with grant funding, and as a basis for valuation if you’re thinking of selling your business.

We tailor our services to suit your needs. We keep our services competitively priced and cost effective. We listen to your concerns, focus on risk and make sure all issues are dealt with promptly and effectively.

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Results you can measure.


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  • Sharp Focus

    We give you a concise statement of your key business indicators, showing clearly the areas of your business that need attention. This makes everything very black and white for you, helping you to create a clear plan for the next stage of your business development.

  • Smart Solutions

    We don’t just flag the problems that we pick-up from our accounting and auditing work; we recommend options to overcome them. It’s not enough to just highlight the issues; we go the extra mile to actually offer you the solutions as well.

  • Experience Counts

    Working with all businesses within many sectors, we’re up to date with sector best practice, ensuring your business gets only the best advice,